Bentiu POC using Non-violence Action as a means of Conflict Management

Bentiu POC using Non-violence Action as a means of Conflict Management

Early this year the residence of Bentiu protection of Civilians POC marched to United Nations Mission in South Sudan UNMISS expressing their grievances of allowing the government to take responsibility over them. It was a disturbing idea for them owing the fact that the government is not a neutral body and they felt their security was at stake. The fear of having another conflict has flooded their minds since the trauma of losing their loved once; property and many other things they have experienced in the past became fresh in their memories.

One of the woman Elizabeth Nyagai said “they are tired of conflicts and in most cases the women are the once who are left with the responsibility of taking care of the family in terms of providing for them the basic needs hence leaving them to be psychologically disturbed therefore it’s high time their voices are heard and taken into consideration”

The intervention of training the community on non-violence action of conflict management, civic rights education, awareness on gender equality and basic human rights by Action for Conflict Resolution ACR with support from Norwegian People’s Aid NPA has proved to be fruitful.

This has made them to demand for their rights in a peaceful way and has given them a platform to raise their issues so that their voice can be heard. The community asks the implementing partners and donors to continue with the support of training so that the people are empowered with knowledge of nonviolence when claiming the rights.

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