The morning of 28th oct 2021 was marked by marching to the venue by children from three schools with songs expressing a happy and solemn faces as they were accompanied by their teachers. The event was deemed colorful and in attendance were the County Director for Education, RRC County Director, Payam Education Supervisor, education partners such as Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Justice for Children Organization (J4CO), Windle Trust International (WTI) and the community leaders at large. Everyone in the community was extremely happy seeing children singing school songs and felt enthusiastic to attend the event. There was a scurry of activities that included a number of participants.


The event started with a word of prayer followed by a national anthem and the County Education Director kickstarted it with some opening remarks. Moreover, a chain of speeches, mingled with some activities started following each other. The good thing was that the speeches delivered were devoid of politics and hates speeches. Rounds of applause were the order of the day for all were very happy and touched by the words of encouragement being uttered. There was a manifold of entertainments such as songs from children, poems, drama, and songs from women singing group popularly known as the (firkah). The crowd in attendance would always give comments just as we have never heard before. ‘’We have never attended an event like this’’, this is what many often reckon upon.

Many including the county leadership praised Action for Conflict Resolution (ACR) for having showcased their willingness to serve the community of Mayom County. They have on several occasions had numerous Back-To-Learning campaigns from other education partners on ground but have never attended one like this. Everyone giving a speech never finishes without thanking UNICEF, the donor, for being a helping hand in bringing ACR to serve the community and contributing to the success of Back-To-Learning Campaign. The community leadership is urged UNICEF and ACR to continue conducting more Campaigns in the County and it should be inclusive of other schools in all the Payams.

The event came to a halt with a word of prayer just after the County Education Director delivered his speech. Below are a sample of the photos we took during the event.

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