Who we do

We believe in empowering community’s access to development, services and rights such that they can build collective policy to challenge negative develop of conflict. We engage community in peaceful settlement where Education, Food security, WASH, Peace building and good governance is paramount in the mentioned thematic areas as key focus areas

Thematic Focus



Peace building, Rule of law and governance

Food security and livelihood

Child protection and Gender Based Violent

Our working Principles

 As we work to support the mission of the organization we adhere to a number of principles that govern our work. We focus on being:

  •  Consultative, inclusive, and decisive.
  • Respectful: we believe that the quality of personal interaction is as important as its substance.
  • Disciplined and results-orientated.
  • Learning orientated and knowledge-based.
  • Balanced in our information sources and approach to gender, culture and age.
  • Transparent, honest, and sincere.
  • Objective by creating and protecting a neutral space.
  • Caring and empathetic.
  • Pioneering in seeking new and better ways to be effective


Our values

ACR is always ready to defend and promote our values:

Peace is about resolving conflict without violence.

Respect for local culture and belief in the power of local capacities, ideas, and solutions

Trust between people is a critical foundation for lasting peace.

Integrity in ensuring that we are principled, forthright, and sincere.

Participation is a key as active interaction transforms relationships

Peace building is a long-term commitment