Who we are

About us

ACR is a non-political organization that bridges important gaps between the government and grassroots communities, in order to enable a durable peace in South Sudan and surrounding region.

Our Goal is to mediate the community for peaceful a dialogue to have a tranquility atmosphere which enable them to focus on development in the areas of Peace building, Education, good governance, WASH & Food security for all.

Our Story

South Sudan experienced significant improvement upon the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005. On 9th July 2011, South Sudan seceded from Sudan, after a twenty-two yearlong civil war, and six years of uncertain peace. It was a moment of hope. However, since 15th December, heaving fighting and internal conflicts across South Sudan have left lead to an appalling loss of life, widespread looting, and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people due to a conflict that has rapidly assumed regional dimensions. There is an urgent need for peace building, and for civil society actors to intervene, and help to enable a peaceful settlement to the conflict. Actions for Conflict Resolution (ACR) shall take a part in this process, and mediate between communities, emphasizing the dialogue necessary for sustainable conflict resolution


A peaceful, Accountable, and prosperous Community based on Justice, Equality and respect for Human rights


Deepening peace-building to mitigate conflict and Advocate for Sustainable Development. We believe in widow of listening, the power of participation for the community concerns.

ACR was formed on 24th March 2014 to mitigate the conflict scarring South Sudan. It believes in collaborating with other stakeholders to enhance peaceful co-existence among the communities of South Sudan regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity

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