About us


ACR is legally registered by the Ministry of Justice No: (2,556) and Relief and Rehabilitation Commission RRC. No 236. ACR was formed on 24th March 2014 with the sole purpose to mitigate the conflict scarring South Sudan. Therefore, ACR is a non-political organization that bridges important gaps between the government and grassroots communities, in order to enable a durable peace in South Sudan and sounding region.


ACR believes in collaborating with other stakeholders to enhance peaceful co-existence among the communities of South Sudan regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity. Hence, ACR values the involvement of stakeholders in State and local-level decision making in order to build a sustainable peaceful society in South Sudan. Accountability to grass roots organizations will ensure good governance, transparency, and accountability. ACR will also engage with traditional leaders and involve them in decision making with the aim of influencing national and sub national policy. ACR plays an active role in communities’ peace-building mechanism at the Bomas, Payams, County, and State level.


Through its programs, ACR seeks to identify and develop early warning and response indicators that will allow the prompt and efficient intervention in local conflict situations, which will allow their early mitigation. ACR also produces policy recommendations for national and international actors in order to improve capacity to prevent conflicts spiraling out of control. ACR engages with various stakeholders on policy and strategies to respond to possible and actual conflicts at the state-level.


Furthermore, ACR addresses justice issues that affect communities through advocacy. It works closely with law practitioners to promote human rights issues, and involve women, children, and law enforcement in its projects.